Project Overview

A brief project overview has been given in the home section, alas, we'll recover the topic here. This project collects versitile network measurements from diverse geographic locations. The ultimate goal is to combine these measurements to detect various network anomalies including DDoS.

We are well aware of other projects that are using similar techniques, but we believe ours is unique for a few reasons.

By using python scripts to define measurements we provide extensive measurement options. This allows the infrastructure to mimic current solutions by providing network level measurements including ping, traceroute, etc. Our project goes one step further to allow for application layer measurements as well. For example we are able to provide a number of statistics based on HTTP GET requests. This is an interesting metric because it more closely reflects user experience than network level measurements which are commonly routed different.

All of the data collected is made publicly available. We believe the unique dataset will spur new and interesting research initaitives. Currently the data is stored in JSON format, but other formats can be provided upon request.

Documentation Structure

The aim of this documentation is to server as THE AUTHORITY on all things Proddle. We are strong believers in a ground up approach. Therefore all attempts have been made at introducing base elements of the system first and progressing into the higher level architecture. It is our hope that readers that are uninterested in the low level details will be able to bypass the earlier sections and still develop an intricate understanding of the system.